Hackers tried to mine 400,000 computers they attacked

Hackers attacked more than 400,000 computers with their malicious software and tried to mine cryptocurrencies without their permission.

Computer hackers are also bad for Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and some other countries. launched an attack to install malicious software. The coordinated attack lasted more than 12 hours.

According to Microsoft, 73% of computers attacked were located in Russia. This was followed by Turkey with 18% and Ukraine with 4%.

The following statement was made by the research team that developed Microsoft’s AV software:

Windows Defender, advanced cross-process injection techniques blocked more than 80,000 attacks of several advanced trojans that exhibit persistence mechanisms and hijacking methods. More than 400,000 users were attacked.

Hackers tried to mine for newly released Electroneum Coin

Researchers have shown behavioral and cloud-based machine learning in Windows Defender He said that their models detected the trojan attack at the first stage. According to the Windows Defender team, the Dofoil malware used in the attack tried to enter the operating system’s explorer.exe process and insert malicious code. . Antivirus software was able to detect and block these attempts when it ran from a different location on the hard drive.

The malware was programmed to mine the Electroneum coin.

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