Getir acquires Spain-based delivery company BLOK: It will serve under its own name

By purchasing the Getir BLOK application, it will start its activities in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.. The online market application, which wants to have a say here, will soon equip many countries with the colors of bring.

Serkan Borançılı shared: Bring is now in Berlin

In the world Bringing market products to users in an average of 10 minutes by launching a first in Turkey in 2015, Getir strengthened its position in the European market by acquiring a company for the first time.

acquired the Getir BLOK application

Getir, which started operations in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris this year, purchased the entire BLOK operating in the Southern European market in line with its global expansion target.. BLOK’s ongoing service in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Milan will now continue under the name Getir. Rome and Lisbon operations, which BLOK completed the necessary studies and made ready for operation, will also be put into use in the coming days with the Getir brand.. Thus, Getir will operate in 8 countries in total, including Turkey, increasing the number of countries it serves in Europe to 7.

Getir now has its eyes on the USA: Nazım Salur, Founder of Getir, which will serve in three cities

With the new investment of 555 million dollars received in the fourth investment round completed in the past weeks, exceeded a valuation of 7.5 billion dollars; “We are trying to evaluate new collaborations for the growth and strengthening of the industry we are leading.. After entering the sector, we incorporated the BLOK application, which achieved great success in a short time and at the same time, we believe that our cultural harmony is complete.. After London, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin, we will now color the streets of Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Milan with Bring purple.”. Salur, who also drew attention to the importance of BLOK’s local experience and knowledge in Spain and Italy, said, “Thanks to BLOK’s local success, we fully believe that we will be the company that provides the best service in the region.”

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