Gedik Investment President: There Are Over 60 Thousand Bitcoin Accounts In Turkey

Gedik Investment Chairman Erhan Topaç, who was a guest at the AA Finance Desk, said, “There are roughly over 60 thousand bitcoin accounts in Turkey, and they are not in the organized market. The CMB has banned them, so we are keeping them on hold.

Speaking that Bitcoin will be everywhere in the long run and banks will also use this currency, Topaç also mentioned that it fluctuates a lot and that the new generation is extremely excited.

Mentioning that they received a letter from the CMB stating that investment companies in Turkey cannot make a move on Bitcoin, Topaç said that trade continues in unorganized environments.

60 thousand users suddenly came to the crypto money market. However, he added that only 30 thousand users increased in capital markets.

You can watch Erhan Topaç’s speech in the video below.

Source: World

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