Foundation for Political Economy and Social Studies Examined Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The Foundation for Political Economy and Society Research organized a panel titled “Bitcoin Wind and the Future of Cryptocurrencies”.

The Foundation for Political Economy and Society Research’ (SETA) According to the report, the panel on “Bitcoin Wind and the Future of Cryptocurrencies” was moderated by SETA Economic Research Director Nurullah Gür, with the participation of economics writer Erkin Şahinöz and İslam Memiş, and SETA Economics Researcher Şerif Dilek.

While the development and future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were discussed at the panel, the great transformation brought by Blockchain technology was discussed.

Sheriff Dilek,

Drawing attention to the impact of the transformation experienced with strong>blockchaintechnology, he pointed out the importance of the existence of Bitcoin as a concept.

Bitcoin was used as an alternative currency at a time when people lost their trust in the financial world after the global crisis. day Stating that the energy consumption and environmental effects of Bitcoin are a serious problem area, Dilek stated that the instability and excessive fluctuation in the prices of cryptocurrencies in particular, Bitcoin. stated that there are risks such as the uncertainty of their legal status, not having enough market depth and being used as a speculative investment tool.

“States need to supervise and regulate these markets”

Islam Memiş also stated that Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are promising, but the attitudes of states will be the main determinant here.

Questioning the absence of any authority behind cryptocurrencies Stating that there is a need for money and that it will not be silent to a challenge against the power of states to print money, Memiş said that people who invest in cryptocurrencies He emphasized that states should supervise and regulate these markets in order to avoid victims.

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