Flash decision from technology giant Apple: We will close it completely

Apple, which holds the title of the world’s second largest information technology in terms of turnover, is closing the weather service Dark Sky, which it bought in 2020. The technology giant, which first closed the Android application of Dark Sky in August last year, will definitely close the service in question at the end of next year. It’s very common for giant companies to buy small companies and shut them down after owning their technology. These companies are now adding Dark Sky, which was acquired by Apple in 2020.

closed the Android app last year

Actually, It was no secret that Apple would shut down all of Dark Sky’s apps and web tools. First, Apple shut down Dark Sky’s Android app in August of last year, as soon as it bought the company. And it seems that now is the time for a definitive end to the weather service. Developer David Smith and 9to5Mac say Apple will shut down Dark Sky’s iOS app, website, and API “by the end of 2022.” This marks a year ahead of what was originally thought.

will be available to users with iOS 15

Although iOS’s weather app forecasts The Weather Channel’s Although we can see more of Dark Sky’s remnants in iOS 15. For example, it will not be a surprise if Apple introduces new features such as hourly precipitation alerts to users with iOS 15.

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