Final Near on Cryptopia Exchange!

New Zealand police teams made a statement about how the country’s cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia was hacked. In a statement, the police teams, explaining that they have come to the end of the investigations in the hacking of the country’s cryptocurrency exchange and that the latest studies have been organized, stated that they are examining what happened in the hacking of the crypto currency exchange. It is known as a cryptocurrency exchange that is not used by many investors, but used by more than 1 million investors worldwide, and was among the top crypto exchanges.

Polices continue their investigations in New Zealand

New Zealand Police teams announced that they have come to an end in the work and that they will end it soon. Will cyber attackers be caught at the end of this study or not? The statement of the spokesperson, who has no explanation on this matter, that they are in contact with the new authorities, including the former officials of Cryptopia, is seen as a positive signal. It was claimed that at least $16 million worth of altcoins were stolen from the Cryptopia exchange, and the exchange had been hiding it for days, and investor recruitment was stopped.

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