Famous trader; announced the key coin of this process!

The famous trader, who spoke to his more than 400 thousand followers on YouTube, announced the coin he thought would be the leader of the process.

The famous trader; announced the key coin of this process!

The phenomenon trader Benjamin Cowen, who is closely followed in the crypto community, is of the opinion that Cardano ADA coin, which showed a better rise than Bitcoin and Ethereum after the pandemic crisis that broke out last year, will also be the leading coin of the process we are in.

Cowen, who shared the chart on the subject, says:

[Given below] is the ROI (return on investment) chart as of March 13, 2020. It can be inferred [from the chart] that those who have not fallen too hard so far will be penalized, but it is clear that it also highlights those who have given high ROI….. As you will see, ADA has remained the leading coin for a long time.. ADA is a racehorse. It is one of the racehorses we have in this cycle.

[ADA coin] Ranked first among the coins we follow in July 2020. First place in February 2021…. In this last crash, VeChain (VET) fell much faster than ADA so ADA coin is now again in the lead.

Cowen thinks that ADA coin, which he is following closely in the current situation, needs to pass some key resistances and turn them into support in order to reach higher targets.

ADA’s 20-week It would actually need to drop another 30% to get back to the SMA (simple moving average). If you’re wondering now, the 20-week SMA now corresponds to $1.08 and the 21-week EMA (exponential moving average) to $1.12. Therefore, this would be a bull market support group.

Benjamin Cowen also evaluates the position of ADA coin against BTC and expresses his expectations about ADA coin.

ADA is actually one of the few cryptocurrencies that does relatively well against Bitcoin. ….You can see that it is currently down around 22% against Bitcoin. There are many coins to be very happy with the only 22% drop against Bitcoin.

ADA’s, Bitcoin I doubt it will be able to hit an all-time high until I figure out what it’s doing.

At this time of so much instability in Bitcoin, it will take a lot of determination and confidence for Cardano to reach $2.50 again.

Live ADA coin price: $ 0.490806

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