Famous Investor Shared His 2019 Predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Venture equity investor Fred Wilson kicked off the new year by posting his predictions for 2019 on his website.

His predictions include business in line with politics, the global economy, the stock market and cryptocurrencies.. About Cryptocurrency “Whatever I write on this blog cannot be done without talking about my thoughts on cryptocurrencies.” He started his predictions by predicting the fall of President Trump due to the House’s response to the illegal activities of Robert Muller.

However, behind Web 2.0 investments such as Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Kickstarter and MongoDB, Wilson believes that the crisis will not affect innovative companies and the technology economy.

Wilson argues that the macro trend will not be affected by innovative and tech companies as they are driven by technical and creative innovation. we are in the process of consuming. But I think this process will take up most of 2019.”

Also, I think the industry will experience a bull market for a while, then there will be selling pressure leading to a retest of the lows.. I think the recovery will end in 2019 and we will enter a new bullish phase in crypto.”

Wilson thinks the next bull market phase is triggered by the fulfillment of the promises of some projects like Filecoin and the Algorand project.

Also, a new team to challenge Ethereum He talked about the prospect of the emergence of “next generation” platforms and the preservation of Ethereum’s leadership with some significant system improvement.

Having bull market trending forecasts for the crypto sector, Wilson still expressed some concerns, particularly regarding the actions of misguided regulators that would “damage” high-quality projects.

Moreover, events on the dark side of crypto such as fraud, failed projects, and loss of investments will continue to happen in 2019.

But this will always be the case with new and emerging technology that allows everyone to shop and move forward.

“Unauthorized innovations yield the most money over time, but inevitably with bad actions. It comes together.”

“Do I sound like a pessimist? Maybe, but I’m not. I am incredibly optimistic… This year will be excellent.”

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