Ethereum Takes the Throne From XRP!

Developed under the leadership of Vitalik Buterin and bringing programming to the Solidity language blockchain, influencing the birth of many alternative cryptocurrencies, bringing the world of crypto money to a different dimension, Ethereum has long protected the title of “the number one alternative currency of the crypto money world” in the last months of the Ripple network. The crypto token was lost to XRP.

Ethereum, which started to gain momentum in December before the Constantinople hard fork that will take place in January, maintained its positive momentum in the first days of 2019 and left XRP behind to become the most valuable altcoin again. .

Positive Acceleration Continues in Ethereum

Ethereum, which declined to the $84 band in the last month of 2018, largely caught a positive correction after this level and reached 145

While the cryptocurrency’s trading volume in the last 24 hours has risen to $2.4 billion, XRP’s trading volume of $405 million is where? se has doubled by 6.

The exchanges where Ethereum is most actively traded are OEX, OKEx and Huobi, respectively.

Ethereum’s The highly anticipated hard fork Constantinople is expected to take place on January 16, 2019, at block 7080000. After this hard fork, Ethereum will switch from PoW mechanism to PoS.

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