Ethereum Classic Attacks Lost $1.1 Million!

The problems caused by the Ethereum Classic 51% network attack persist. It seems that the issue of what will happen after the last 51% attack, which shook the confidence of investors, and how the trust in Ethereum Classic will be reestablished, also created a panic among curious investors in the market, how the price of Ethereum Classic, which fell to 5 dollars, will rise again. Some of the investors do not see that the decline in the price from $5.45 to $5 does not cause major losses, and the replacement of $1.1 million losses is one of the issues that may affect the listing of Ethereum Classic for some cryptocurrency exchanges and investors.

Why is the Ethereum Classic attack risky?

When there is a 51% attack, it is possible to see losses of millions of dollars, and all these losses can happen in a short time. The reason for panic is that these attacks, which damage the confidence of investors in crypto money prices and crypto money market volume, are not always, but are closely related to cryptocurrencies with low market volumes at certain time intervals. Investors, on the other hand, learn about the 51% attack later, so they are often aware of these attacks when prices and market volume decrease.

The total loss in Ethereum Classic attacks is $1.1 million.

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