Do not look at the Bitcoin and Ethereum predictions of Fundstrat, which is his heart!

Fundstrat Global Advisors announces end-April crypto report. The report put forward sensational price predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum!

Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Bitcoin and Ethereum forecasts lip flew away!

Independent financial research firm Fundstrat published its weekly report for the end of April. In its report, the company stated that it has a very positive view of the course of the cryptocurrency markets.

The report also included the views of Fundstrat’s digital asset strategist David Grider.. Grider stated that crypto assets had a healthy correction and cooling period last week and they are ready for the next leap. He stated that he believes he will sign the ATHs:

“After the deep correction, we think the bull market remains intact and we maintain our Bitcoin price target of $100,000.”

Fundstrat It is thought that one of the main main supports of the bullish scenario cited by the Federal Reserve (FED) is meeting this week and deciding to keep its quantitative easing policies intact.

Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin!

Ethereum is the most important issue discussed in the report after Bitcoin.. Grider offers a more sensational price prediction for Ether than Bitcoin:

“Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin. It achieves this even when it has not yet migrated to ETH 2.0 and under the pressure of high GAS fees.. We maintain our previously mentioned $10,500 price prediction for Ethereum.. We think that the total market value will reach the level of 5 trillion dollars.

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Although Ethereum transactions have to pay 3 times more fees compared to Bitcoin, 3 times more transactions are made than the Bitcoin network. This shows once again how much people trust Ethereum.

It is possible to understand the intense interest in Ethereum from the Bitcoin dom chart.. It is an undeniable fact that while the dominance of Bitcoin has declined to 47%, Ethereum market dominance has climbed to 15%.

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