Danger Awaiting/Atending Business Owners: Bitcoin Mining

When the business owners are hiring a person, they research this person in a small way or try to understand what kind of person he is and whether he will be able to do his job well, based on the person’s type, education and status in the interview.. Some employees, on the other hand, may abuse the rights given to them by the owners of the workplace or think that damaging a product in the workplace is not a problem for them and may not be a problem for the owner of the workplace.. While it is possible to come across examples of this frequently in Turkey or elsewhere in the world, there is now a new risk that can cause theft cases in workplaces to decrease physically but increase materially: Bitcoin mining.

Under the table, in the warehouse or on the roof.

It is impossible not to have energy in workplaces. It is possible for employees to use and benefit from this energy to charge mobile phones, charge devices or in a different way.. Now, a risk is that malicious employees will use this energy to mine Bitcoin.

Bitcoin The number of employees who use their mining device or devices secretly using the energy of the workplace, incurring costs and generating income, will increase in the coming years. While it may increase according to the situation of cryptocurrencies, the number of such cases starting today is not low.

Many cases can be seen in Turkey

It is possible to see many similar cases in Turkey.. In businesses where the owner of the workplace, especially in warehouse, logistics and similar categories, does not visit the workplace frequently, there may be those who maliciously benefit from the rights offered to him by mining cryptocurrencies.

What should business owners and bosses do?

Large Although it is more difficult to see this and similar cases in companies due to inspections, the people who can do this job easiest are those who control electrical panels and control energy in large companies.. What business owners or bosses need to do is to check whether there is a serious increase in the amount of energy in a month and how much bills have come, to inspect the workplace at intervals or to install a camera system that can see all parts of the workplace.

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