Dacia also joined the logo frenzy: Here is Dacia’s new logo

Dacia, which was founded in 1966 by the decision of the Romanian government and joined the French Renault family in 1999, joined the automotive companies that changed its logo.. The automotive giant has announced its new visual identity reflecting the brand.

Dacia’s strategy, which is the harbinger of a new era announced at the beginning of 2021, is reflected in its new logo, emblem and colors that are faithful to the brand codes.. Building on the elements behind its success, the brand gains a new feel that continues to reflect the values ​​of simplicity, originality and durability, always at an affordable price.

Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot, Dacia’s CEO Stating that it is a brand that constantly redefines the basic requirements in the automotive industry, “We are able to be both accessible and attractive.. Our position in the market has been unique since the first day we started, and we will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Created by the design team

Dacia ‘s new visual identity comes to the fore with a new logo and emblem, which are indicators of a different and assertive brand.. These two new designs were created in-house by the “Design Team”, which has guided Dacia from day one and sought to highlight the essence of the brand.

Brings a sense of solidity and balance. The shape of the letters “D” and “C”, which are reverse images of each other, is changed to highlight the compact and intelligent spirit of the brand.. The geometric lines of the logo give the letter sequence a feeling of mechanical movement.

The emblem reflects the essence of the logo by bringing the letters “D” and “C” together, like the links of a chain with a strong and harmonious relationship between them.. The easily recognizable new Dacia emblem emphasizes the brand as a powerful and meaningful symbol.

These two new designs, simple and easily understood, reflect the solid structure of Dacia models used by millions of consumers every day.

Especially reduced graphic design elements underline that Dacia is a brand that focuses on basic necessities.. Each piece creates new opportunities for more digital content, while harmonizing with the others to form a cohesive whole.. The very robust and flexible structure of the new graphic design elements, just like the brand itself, draws attention.. While the arrow-shaped letter “D” in the logo indicates the whole design, it highlights the sense of movement created by a future-oriented brand.

To nature

While the khaki green highlights the brand’s closeness to nature, it evokes a strong reference point for its customers and a terrain where Dacia models such as the iconic Duster show themselves.

Auxiliary colors complete the scale;

More earth colors: dark khaki, terracotta, sand color

The other two intermediate colors: bright orange and green with a more “technological” feel

The essence of the brand is also freedom, It is also emphasized by its new iconography that symbolizes the need to gather strength and return to its essence.. While these basic needs are felt by most people, it leads them to focus on the things that really matter.

To be used in vehicles from 2022

New brand identity will begin to materialize through brand-specific sites, advertisements and brochures from June 2021. Dacia outlets will gradually transition to the new brand identity from the beginning of 2022. Starting from the second half of 2022, new logos and emblems will be used on vehicles.

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