Cryptocurrency Market Volume Rises To $136 Billion

The market volume, which reached a value of 136 billion dollars with an increase of 6 billion dollars in the crypto money markets, started to glow green with the moves that gave confidence to the investors. As the Bitcoin price starts to rise, the market cap is increasing and the increase in volume gives confidence in the market. While there are many different issues that affect the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, Ethereum hard fork and the market, investors show that these are risky and at the same time they are reassuring events in the market. has a huge impact on us. As investors, our expectations about the market volume are more than 220 billion dollars, while the level between 100 billion dollars and 180 billion dollars is not very reassuring. Levels of 200 billion dollars and above are good numbers for the crypto money market and give confidence to the investors. It shows that it could also have an extra $6 billion worth of value. Market cap and cryptocurrency prices can sometimes go up or down for no reason.

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