Cryptocurrency Market Is Not Entering The New Year Well

Throughout the past Friday and Saturday, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a serious decline.. There are only 4 cryptocurrencies (Cardano, NEO, Verge, TRON) that are in the top 20 list by market volume and still maintain their greenness.. Currently, the list of cryptocurrencies is mostly red.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, fell from its high of $ 15,266 on Friday to $ 12,350 on Saturday. The last two weeks have been quite active for Bitcoin, which managed to cross the $ 20 thousand limit on December 17.. Bitcoin only stood at $20,000 for one day and has since fallen by around 30%.

The current drop seems to be a continuation of the drop that started two weeks ago and is still on the horizon. no signs of rallying.

Ripple, which has recently surpassed Ethereum to become the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has also dropped more than 10%. Ripple, which has seen a solid increase overall this week, has also been the victim of the “cryptocurrency massacre.”. Ethereum dropped by around 10% from December 29-30, from $769 to $685, but recovered a bit and is now back above $700 and is watching $715 .

In general, 2017 was a very fruitful year for Ethereum.. Ethereum, which was only $8 at the beginning of the year, even surpassed $750 and the effects of this rise are still not over.

In the past two days, other such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, Monero. Major cryptocurrencies also fell. This year has been very productive for the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, and the drop over the past two days could be a natural consequence of the rapid rises experienced.. After this decline, growth can very well resume from where it left off.

How we started the year, we hope that we will not see a decrease throughout the year in 2018.. Considering how quickly and easily the crypto money market can change and there are still hours left to enter the new year, perhaps the new year will be entered with an increase, not a decrease.

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