Cryptocurrency Alert in India!

India’s Jammu and Kashmir region police teams have warned that thousands of citizens using cryptocurrencies should immediately stay away from crypto money investments and follow their warnings to prevent new crypto money investors. In the statement made by the police teams of Jammu and Kashmir region of India, they warned that cryptocurrencies should never be preferred as a payment tool or as a different investment tool, and explained that the risk of losing money with cryptocurrencies is too great.

The risk is great!

India’s Jammu and Kashmir region is trying to keep its citizens away from cryptocurrencies, with the warning that the risk for crypto money investors is great and they should stay away from all investments offered as crypto money, where the name Bitcoin is high, according to the police teams. . On the one hand, the country makes a great effort to produce its own cryptocurrency and thinks that cryptocurrencies can have positive effects on the country’s economy if they produce it themselves. Although these contradictory statements are met with reaction in the country, the government ignores this reaction of the citizens and continues to implement what it wants.

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