Cryptocurrencies to be Inspected in New York

Clyde Vanel, a New York State legislator and one of the members of the Internet and New Technologies Subcommittee, said that as state officials, they have teamed up as state officials to supervise cryptocurrencies, to conduct cryptocurrency studies quickly, and to prevent potential threats. He announced that the team will start their work from this week and they will investigate how the state can be strengthened with cryptocurrencies, and they will start their research to solve the problems. It is very important for popular states such as New York that there are few shops on the state borders to be able to pay with Bitcoin, and that the number of these shops is increased.

President Trump administration did not prevent cryptocurrencies

President The fact that the Trump administration does not prevent cryptocurrencies and declares that there is no need for laws regarding cryptocurrencies is considered sufficient for the states of the USA to protect the country together with the SEC and the FED. The fact that laws can be determined by the authorities in the states also strengthens the predictions that New York may change according to the work of the team formed in the future. It was reflected in the results of researches conducted a while ago that the number of people who own Bitcoin is high in the state.

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