Could Bitcoin hit $100,000 before 2019? Some experts believe that

Bitcoin is the most famous and important virtual currency in the market and we all know that it has experienced an incredible fluctuation in recent years.

So what will happen to Bitcoin in the coming years? Will it reach $100,000 before 2019? Some experts think it’s possible.

Here are some price predictions for Bitcoin:

John McAfee

One of the most prominent figures in the crypto space, John McAfee He is among the people who believe that its value is below what it deserves and that it can reach 1 million dollars in the coming years.

Jeet Signh

Another prominent analyst and portfolio manager, Jeet Signh, is quite confident that Bitcoin will easily reach around $50,000 by the end of 2018 and that Bitcoin’s volatility will decrease as the market matures.

Signh in an interview with Bloomberg. “When you look at Apple and Micosoft, they had a lot of volatility when they went public because their markets were immature.. There aren’t many merchants who can accept cryptocurrencies right now. But the same is not true for the black market.”

Cameron Winklevoss

Cameron Winklevoss, one of the famous Winklevoss twins, said that Bitcoin’s market value could easily be between $4 and $8 trillion.

Moreover, crypto expert and Winklevoss, owner of Gemini exchange, said a few weeks ago that Bitcoin could rise 30 to 40 times.. So actually this is a buying opportunity. When you look at the gold market today, you see that it is a 7 trillion dollar market, when we compare it with this, we think that it has 30 to 40 times the potential. And so a lot of people are starting to see that. Therefore, regardless of the price movements in the last few weeks, we are of the opinion that it is still an asset that does not get what it deserves.”

There are clearly possibilities for Bitcoin to hit all-time highs in the future.. Of course, there is still a long time before those levels rise.

Kay Van-Petersen

Another point of view that should not be overlooked is Kay Van-Petersen in an interview with Bloomberg. belonging. Petersen said that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 by December 2018.

Also, it is worth noting that the Lightning Network is expected to go live this year.. When this comes to life, it is expected that Bitcoin’s transaction fees will decrease to zero and instant transactions will be possible.. So this event could be one of the most important moments in Bitcoin history. If the Lightning Network proves to be a good solution to Bitcoin’s scalability problem, we could see Bitcoin’s price skyrocket.

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