Chinese Miners Start Selling Their Devices

The majority of cryptocurrency miners in China announced that they can no longer profit from their mining in the country and they have to sell their devices, and they started to sell thousands of dollars worth of devices many times below their value. It was mentioned in the local press that the number of Ethereum miners was at the highest level in the country a while ago, and it was stated that the number of Chinese citizens mining crypto currency would increase a lot. Despite the constant warnings made by the Chinese government, the desire of citizens who want to mine to do mining has now come to an end.

Mining Devices Go Cheap in China

Cryptocurrency mining devices are being sold for half the money. It has been stated that the number of people who want to mine cryptocurrencies in the country where it started has decreased drastically. It has been claimed that the number of people who earn from cryptocurrency mining is very low in the country, and therefore, the number of people who can do cryptocurrency mining is made only by people who do not pay for energy money and obtain energy from natural resources.

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