Chain Technology Step from Facebook

Facebook is the second most visited national website among the world’s largest technology companies and related websites. With this aspect, it is a huge and gigantic rich platform that collects and analyzes information about billions of people and regions from all over the world, and that its CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been “questioned” by the American Senate in recent months, with the claim that he even intervened in the elections. With this aspect, Facebook, taking steps to benefit from new technologies and have the best opportunities, can offer users some tools that have been developed with Blockchain technology recently.

Is it the turn of Facebook? New Technology is Being Tested.

With the job posting “We are looking for 5 experts who are experts in blockchain technology”, which was opened with a capacity of 5 people based in California today, the company decided to enlarge its chain technology team. Announcing that the people applying for the job posting after this decision will be recruited after the necessary interviews, the technology company did not explain what it will develop about chain technology and what experts will do about Blockchain technology that it will hire.

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