Cardano Simplex announced the collaboration; New doors open for ADA coin

Simplex collaboration with Cardano opens new doors for ADA coin.

Cardano Simplex announces collaboration; New doors are opening for ADA coin

With the Cardano-Simplex cooperation, Simplex users will be able to buy ADA coin easily with a credit card or even Apple Pay.

There is a difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Simplex, which is a bridge, will make the ADA coin a much more accessible cryptocurrency.

Cardano Simplex collaboration

Simplex, founded in Israel in 2014, A fintech company offering fiat and crypto infrastructure. The company, which also has a European Union license, became a part of the VISA network last year.

Simplex announced its Cardano collaboration in a press release today. With the cooperation, millions of Simplex users will be able to purchase ADA coins via debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or wire transfer.

Relating Cardano in the statement made by Simplex;

Secure enough to protect billions of data, scalable enough to host global systems, and robust enough to support fundamental change.


Live ADA coin price: $ 0.495640

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