Canon’s obligation to smile to its workers: They will not be able to enter the office

World-renowned Japanese company Canon, known for its image and optics products, cameras, copiers and stepper products, imposes a smile requirement at its office in Beijing, China. Office workers will have to smile at the artificial intelligence-assisted camera to open the door, turn on the air conditioner, and enter the office.

Launched smiley face recognition tech

The company introduced a ‘smiley face recognition’ last year instead of login cards technology launched.

Employees now need to smile before they can enter the office or book a conference room.

A spokesperson for Canon China told Nikkei, “This is the one with the smile detection setting ‘on’. We want to encourage employees to create a positive atmosphere by using the system.”. “Mostly people are hesitant to smile, but once they get used to smiling in the office, they keep smiling without the system that creates a positive and lively atmosphere.” -records”>Measures their temperatures and records guests

The smiley face technology used is the cornerstone of Canon’s ‘Jiachuang Space’ system, which measures employee temperatures, records guests and naturally allows them to print documents for Canon.

Canon announced in October last year that it markets the vehicles to various businesses from restaurants to hospitals and banks, and said it ‘hopes to bring joy and health to everyone in the post-pandemic period’.

The goal is to create a happier work environment

The smile detection function can be turned off, but the company encourages the use of this function ‘to create a happier work environment and let everyone relax with a smile’ to

Meanwhile, in a statement made to Nikkei by some workers, it was stated that this requirement was unwelcome and intrusive.

A Weibo user said, “So now companies not only waste our time, It also manipulates our emotions”.

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