Can Bitcoin Solve the Economic Crises?

It is a matter of curiosity of the future whether Bitcoin will be able to solve these crises in the event that countries go into economic crisis and there is a world economic crisis. Considering the US’s $20 trillion debt, the European Union’s debt of trillions of dollars, and the world’s total debt burden, it is impossible not to see that the failure to solve this problem creates devastating consequences that lead to a recurring economic crisis every 10 years.

The claims that cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin can solve the world economic crises in the future, and that they can solve the economic crises experienced by the countries, are not realistic. Even if the states buy Bitcoin, which is in the $ 3,000 band today, as a reserve at this price and 1 year later, Bitcoin reaches the level of 300 thousand dollars, it will not be possible to close the global debt stock in the world.

Bitcoin should not be expected to rise this much

Expecting the bitcoin price to hit $300k is a dream and a far cry from reality for many of us. It is stated that since Bitcoin, which is claimed to be able to reach 10 million dollars and 100 million dollars according to some people, is not expected to rise that much, it will not benefit the global debt crisis in the long term, but if it exists, it will be able to solve this problem after many, many years.

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