Bobby Lee: We’re Starting to See Bottom Price

Bobby Lee talked about when and how much the bottom of Bitcoin price will be. With the expectation of the bottom price in Bitcoin price to be $ 5,000, then it fell below $ 4,500, and the speed of the declines increased due to the increase in sales of the crypto money owners who were in a panic atmosphere. Making a statement after the declines were stabilized at $ 4,500, Bobby Lee stated that they are slowly approaching the bottom level and indirectly stated that there is an expectation that the bottom point of the Bitcoin price may be $ 4,000 or $ 3,500.

The level close to $3,500 may be the bottom

According to Bobby Lee, the decline in cryptocurrencies has slowly started to stop and will stop completely after a while. The famous name, who did not explain when it will stop and at what level it will stop, may have thought about the bottom price expectations for the $ 3,500 level, so the $ 900 change is very important. Although he is one of the names who do not make much explanation, his comments are cared by his audience in the market and it is often followed what explanation he makes.

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