Bloomberg Releases Latest Forecast on Bitcoin Price

Bloomberg, the news channel that directs the financial world, has also increased its studies on cryptocurrencies recently. He shared his comment with his readers.

While it was stated in the news that the trend in digital currency was positive, it was emphasized that the buying formation came to the fore.. According to this positive signal, the price of Bitcoin will be able to catch the positive momentum that it has been waiting for after a fall.

“It has risen by 20 percent each time”

Stating that the support point in Bitcoin is again in the $ 6,000 band, he said. Bloomberg analysts emphasized that the possibility of the disappearance of the negative trend stands out.. Because breaking the $ 6,000 support band in Bitcoin is seen as a very difficult possibility.. Although digital gold has tested below the $6,000 band 5 times since February, it has managed to catch a 20 percent rally each time.

Leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have undergone significant price corrections since the beginning of the year. While Bloomberg described one of the biggest reasons for this decline as the use of cryptocurrencies that will not be able to expand as soon as expected.

While the SEC decision, which will allow Bitcoin to enter the radar of institutional investors, was delayed again last week, billionaire investor Novogratz also spoke about Bitcoin and Bitcoin. He pointed out that the bottom point was seen in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, is traded at $6,437 on international stock markets and $6,511 on BTC Turk as of the time of publication.

$207 billion cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin constitutes 53.5% of the money market, Ethereum and Ripple dominate a market of 21.7 and 17.9 billion dollars, respectively.

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