Bittrex removes 82 cryptocurrencies from the exchange

With the statement made, Bittrex, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it will remove 82 cryptocurrencies from its exchange.

Bittrex team said in a statement:

“Sometimes there are circumstances that cause Bittrex to remove a cryptocurrency wallet or trades from its exchange. On March 30, 2018, we will remove the wallets listed below. Once these wallets are removed, these coins will no longer be used on the exchange. Users must withdraw their funds before March 30, 2018. ”

The Bittrex team also announced that it has broken the Blockchain of several cryptocurrencies so that users cannot withdraw their money. Cryptocurrencies like CRYPT have stated that they have hacked their blockchains or wallets to disallow withdrawals.

Bittrex 82 will be unlisted as the cryptocurrency is highly susceptible to manipulation

Of leading trading platforms, It is difficult for exchanges to maintain a stable order book if a cryptocurrency does not have sufficient liquidity and demand from users on the platform. A lack of liquidity can lead to manipulation of amounts as low as $50,000, as demonstrated in a recent study by cryptocurrency trader Sylvain Ribes. evaluated the liquidity of digital assets on major exchanges such as OKEx and GDAX, using a method called trading led to a 2 to 10 percent decrease in the market value of its units.


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