BitConnect Stuck In The Law For The Second Time About Its ICO

The ICO planned by BitConnect was once again subject to legal procedures by the American State authorities.

In a press release published on January 9, the North Carolina Security Unit stated that the ICO that BitConnect is planning to do While once again stating that it is not legal, he announced that work has been started to end the process on the subject.

In the statement, which stated that BitConnect has no right to sell cryptocurrencies in the Tar Heel State, BitConnect was initially January 10 It was stated that there is no legal record of the tokens planned to sell in the planned ICO and the security of these tokens is controversial. The statement said: In addition, the company has informed us that BitConnect shares cannot be shared with North Carolina.”

By law, BitConnect has a 30-day deadline to respond to this. If BitConnect does not respond to these charges within 30 days, the temporary ban will be fully enforced as per the rules.

Last week, the Texas State Security Service reported on a similar situation with BitConnect. In a statement, he stated that the way the company followed in the sale of cryptocurrencies was not legal. Although this statement was interpreted as malicious and a bubble perception by some in the cryptocurrency community, the company’s ICO was temporarily postponed, similar to the one in North Carolina.

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