Bitcoin’s Transaction Volume Outpaced $2 Trillion in 2018

Week before the end of 2018, the trading volume of Bitcoin, the number one currency of the crypto money market, has exceeded 2 trillion dollars.. While it was seen that record levels were reached in Bitcoin transaction volume in many countries throughout the year, despite the bear market that has been going on for months, Bitcoin has expanded its transaction volume in 2018 compared to 2017.

61% Increase in Bitcoin Transaction Volume Compared to 2017

Within the strong depreciation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in recent months, many segments strengthen their statements that the end of Bitcoin is coming, while investors’ Bitcoin transactions seem unaffected by these statements.. Because, according to the report of Satoshi Capital Research, Bitcoin transactions in 2018 seem to have reached 2.2 trillion dollars. It is emphasized that it has reached the level of .2 trillion dollars.

In the report, it is seen that the transaction volume of Bitcoin increased by almost 100 percent compared to the previous year, within the price acceleration experienced in 2017. and 2016, before the last month of 2018. In its report, it is stated that the total amount of transactions carried out by the company during the year is 4.4 trillion dollars, while the world’s number two payment system has the ability to transfer 12 billion dollars on a daily basis.

Within these images, it is striking that MasterCard has reached half of its transfer volume, despite the 70 percent depreciation of Bitcoin.. Considering that Bitcoin’s daily transaction volume is around 8 billion dollars, it turns out that it is not very difficult for Bitcoin to catch up with MasterCard. follow, like our Facebook page, and join Telegram channel!

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