Bitcoin, the New Investment Favorite of Professional American Football Players

Even highly paid professional athletes can be worried about the future.. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became more and more popular, NFL players started to get involved.

The name that stands out more in Bitcoin than other NFL players is Seattle Seahawks defender Richard Sherman.. Thinking that Bitcoin is the “currency of the future”, Sherman added Bitcoin to the payment options for his official products in 2014.

Sherman, after seeing the $ 19,000 level of Bitcoin in his comments to CNBC He said it has become popular with many NFL players and that Bitcoin is “a common topic of conversation for many (players).. Sherman says he’s invested heavily in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and the cryptocurrency exchange Cobinhood, which has no transaction fees.

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that NFL players are paid huge amounts of money, but oddly enough, one out of every six NFL players retires from this sport. It goes bankrupt within 10 years of its existence.

“None of us actually grew up… understanding finance,” says Sherman, adding that “financial advisors benefit from a lot of players.” and cryptocurrencies have become quite remarkable over the past few months.. But of course, the cryptocurrency market can be quite risky.. Saying that there are “too many different coins,” Sherman says that having so many different coins in the cryptocurrency market can put even highly experienced investors in a difficult position.

Despite these risks, Sherman likes to talk about cryptocurrencies with teammates and colleagues.. Sherman will also realize that he is not a financial advisor, so he refrains from giving any advice on investing in cryptocurrencies.. Sherman:

“You’re reading, you hear good things about some coins, you hear very bad about others, (coins) fluctuate throughout the day (price). It’s such an unpredictable market.”

Sherman has no regrets about investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies despite these market volatility. Sherman says investing in cryptocurrencies is among the options for NFL players who want to diversify their investment portfolio and protect their wealth:

“Most of them (players) need to be knowledgeable not only about cryptocurrencies but also about stocks and trading in general. they do their best for. People in my sport, in my field, are definitely becoming more knowledgeable and intelligent about how money is used and where it goes.”

We hope they don’t buy high and sell low.

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