Bitcoin Rises Again to $3,500

Will Bitcoin go up or down? In the midst of their discussion, the cryptocurrency suddenly started to rise and gained close to 6%. The depreciation in Bitcoin price reversed today and gave a positive “you can buy” message to its investors, with its value gaining close to $200. Bitcoin Cash, which started to decline right after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, drew a reaction from investors with this aspect and caused the sales made by crypto money owners to be consecutive. Changes in Bitcoin price started to attract attention again with the appreciation of several billion dollars in the market volume during the day.

Prices Reversed Expectations

Bitcoin price has increased to $3,500, which is $22,000 and above, which is the year-end expectation. caused the price expectation to disappear. Investors, who acted with the thought that the price increases in cryptocurrencies might be close and that the price might be high a while ago, bought Bitcoin at the level of $ 6,000 and acted with the thought that these cryptocurrencies would be at least $ 15,000 by the end of the year.

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