Bitcoin Dominates The Market With $59 Billion

Bitcoin has a market volume of more than $45 billion compared to XRP, which is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the market with a volume of more than $59 billion. While different cryptocurrencies that can surpass Bitcoin, which has a volume of 48 billion dollars, are not found in the near future, it is estimated that different cryptocurrencies will not be able to exceed the market cap of Bitcoin even in the long term. It is frequently mentioned as the crypto currency that attracts attention and being the most preferred crypto currency. Investors are showing interest in Bitcoin, which they do not expect to break a record again in a short time, and their interest in cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing.

The market volume is below $60 billion

Towards evening today, the market Bitcoin, whose volume is below $60 billion, is $40 billion less than the $100 billion market volume, while both reacting and attracting attention at the same time. Bitcoin price is not expected to rise for a while due to the market cap of $59 billion.

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