“Bitcoin Can Drop To $1,800 As The Bottom Price, 1,000 Is The Limit”

Famous crypto analyst Murad Mahmudov warned that the value of cryptocurrencies may not reach the highest levels in 2019 and that Bitcoin may seek a bottom price. Explaining that the bottom price expectation will be limited to the lowest level of $ 1,800 and that it may even be $ 2,400, Murad Mahmudov said, “Changes in the crypto money markets may occur soon or within this year. I expect the Bitcoin price to bottom at $1,800, with an average of $2,400. I do not expect it to fall below the biggest psychological limit of $1,000.” it will last. The 12 months of 2019 will show how correct these comments of the famous analyst, who thinks that the psychological effect as big as the collapse from $ 6,000 to $ 3,200 will not be up to $ 1,000. After 12 months, will Bitcoin count and stay where it is, or will it outperform and increase thousands of dollars in value? The bottom price expectation of the markets is considered to be important in this process.

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