Bears or Bulls Coming? Here Are The Latest Ethereum Price Predictions

There is still a lot of uneasy momentum in the cryptocurrency industry. Although most of the top coins have been in the green for the past few days after a strange weekend, short-term price predictions are still being made everywhere. According to experts and analysts, it seems that the market can easily change direction in the coming days when it comes to Ethereum. This makes everything considered look pretty interesting.. That’s why we’ve compiled 3 short-term Ethereum price predictions shared by Tradingview traders.

Here are 3 short-term Ethereum price predictions

Signs of an upcoming bearish trend

Ethereum Although the price has seen a rather interesting uptrend over the past few days, there are still some concerns that it will not continue in a similar way. If the chart of TradeBI, the trader and crypto trader, is to be believed, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Ethereum hits a wall of resistance and begins to retreat. This is a sign of an upcoming bearish trend that is expected to happen once again, according to most technical indicators.

Assuming this is indeed the case, one has to wonder where things will end. According to TradeBI, another negative wave for Ethereum could send the price back to $81 in quick succession. This wouldn’t be the biggest drop in Ethereum price to date. However, at the moment, the positive price expectations of investors and experts regarding this altcoin are more.. According to TradeBI, this weekend will be an interesting weekend for Ethereum trading as resistance will be broken or support will be heavily tested again.

Daily targets could pull price either way

Looking at the chart drawn by Longmoney, a crypto trader, it is clear that everything can be easily positioned to move forward. According to Longmoney, Ethereum doesn’t have a clear sense of direction to worry about, but that doesn’t necessarily represent a bad thing either. According to the crypto trader, after all, the daily target has a good chance of staying near the $85 level, indicating a viable support building for the future.

At the same time, the year There are many people who want to see some profit on Ethereum before it expires. According to Longmoney, this price prediction could prove to be compelling, especially since there is no real support level to speak of at the moment in Ethereum price. According to the crypto trader, it is also possible for prices to drop further in the coming days, but the uptrend could happen at any point in the future.

The jumps are getting people excited: Could a new upswing come into action?

Positive While there is a growing demand for an Ethereum price spell, the ETH price increase will not happen because people are demanding it. In the chart shared by AndrewjHunter, a crypto trader, it is clear that the Ethereum price has been heading towards a new downtrend since May 2017.

Therefore, the current Ethereum price has some positive momentum. While it reflects momentum sentiments, it will show that the price is moving on the downside. A bounce to the upside could reverse the trend without being welcomed. However, in the chart shared by AndrewjHunter, it is seen how effective a jumping movement can be witnessed in the prices in the coming days, albeit short-term. According to AndrewjHunter, after all, the current trading volume doesn’t need much excitement yet, but the weekend has just begun.

The long-term trend of the ETH/USD pair: Bearish

  • Resistance Levels : $350, $370, $390
  • Support Levels: $100, $80, $60

ETH/USD is bullish as the price rises to $114, according to analysts in trend. In the past two weeks, Ethereum price has dropped from a low of $113.55 on December 14, 2018 to a low of $84.05.. On December 15, the coin price started rallying as it broke the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA on lower timeframes.. On the weekly chart, the Stochastic indicator is in the oversold region below the 20 percent range.

These indicators show that Ethereum’s price is in a strong bearish momentum and sell signal, according to analysts. On the weekly chart, the crypto price is below the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA, indicating that the bearish trend continues. According to analysts, the MACD line and the signal line are below the zero line, which shows sell signs.

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