BDCenter: Turkey Cryptocurrency Trade High Country

BDCenter has published its cryptocurrency research. According to the results of the research conducted on which countries trade in cryptocurrencies the most, Turkey was among the countries that trade the most in cryptocurrencies. Although the interest of Turkish citizens in cryptocurrencies is not as high as the USA and Asian countries, it was announced as a result of the research that the use of cryptocurrencies among other countries is quite common. The research revealed that there is a lot of Bitcoin trading in Vietnam, the USA, South Korea and countries such as Venezuela and Turkey.

20-35 years old

The most crypto currency traders and cryptocurrencies Looking at the uncertain data in all countries of the world, it has been announced that the age group with investments is between 20 and 35 years old, and that young groups want to have more crypto money and increase their earnings in crypto money trading. Despite the decrease in expectations about the Bitcoin price, the young population has not yet broken away from cryptocurrencies and they continue to own cryptocurrencies. It is known that after the 20-35 age group, the middle age group and the last age group have crypto money.

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