Another Asian country announced that it will issue a CBDC!

After the CBDC statement from South Korea yesterday, another Asian country announced that it has started CBDC studies.. The details are in our news.

Another Asian country has announced that it will issue a CBDC

Countries around the world are trying to modernize their financial systems, prevent threats they think come from cryptocurrencies and CBDC studies are starting in another Asian country after China, Thailand and South Korea.

Yesterday, the Central Bank of South Korea (BOK) announced that it would start working on CBDC.. According to the news of Reurters, a statement came from Indonesia today.

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Central Bank Governor of Indonesia, an Asian country included in the G-20 Perry Warjiyo said on Tuesday that Indonesia’s central bank plans to launch a digital rupiah currency and is considering which platform to use.. According to Bank Indonesia (BI) data, the frequency of transactions on digital banking platforms increased by 60.3% year-on-year to over 570 million, and the value increased by 46% to 3,114.1 trillion rupees ($217.4 billion).

Central Bank Governor did not provide a date schedule for CBDC. However, the bank has made it clear that it plans to issue a legal digital currency in Indonesia.

Warjiyo said that the rupee is the only legally accepted currency for payment, and that the Central bank regulates the digital rupee, banknotes and card-based transactions.

Central banks accelerated their CBDC work with the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies and the increase in online payments with the effect of the corona virus epidemic.. Announced that it started CBDC studies in the USA and England. China, the largest economy in Asia, is moving much faster on CBDC. The use of CBDC is growing in China.


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