An excellent step forward for Ethereum!

An excellent step has come for Ethereum from the US-based investment company. Thus, an important process for Ethereum started.. In the continuation of this process, we can witness that corporate companies collect Ethereum as well as Bitcoin.

An excellent step for Ethereum!

In 2021, corporate companies collect Bitcoin. Investment companies, seeing the intense interest in the investment markets, took this trend as an opportunity and applied to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intensely for Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund)

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The main companies that have applied to the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF are; Wisdom Tree, VanEck, NYDIF, Bitwise, and SkyBridge Capital.

The SEC’s approval of one of the above ETF applications will be a turning point for the Bitcoin markets.. Because US investors only make their Bitcoin investments through cryptocurrency exchanges or investment companies such as Grayscale.. If Bitcoin ETFs are approved, US investors will also be able to purchase valuable financial assets issued in Bitcoin on exchanges such as New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

So with the approval of ETFs, US investors will be able to buy Bitcoin-based assets from regulated exchanges. In this way, institutional firms, conservative investors, pension funds and even public institutions are expected to invest in Bitcoin.

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The perfect step for Ethereum came from VanEck. While VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF application continues to be evaluated by the SEC, VanEck has also filed for the Ethereum ETF.

VanEck filed its Ethereum ETF application this Friday. You can reach VanEck’s application dated May 7 from the source link of our news.

Ethereum is trading over $3,500 at the time of writing.. Ethereum hit the all-time record at $3,807 on May 7 (yesterday) when VanEck applied for an Ethereum ETF.

We see the change in Ethereum prices in the chart below.


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