American Investors Increased Demands!

With the increase in crypto money prices, the increase in the interest of American investors in the social media for Bitcoin again found a response to the increase in purchase demands. For a while, there have been discussions about whether the equilibrium process in the prices of cryptocurrencies will start and whether cryptocurrencies will attract attention again. Due to the ever-changing nature of the Bitcoin price and the constantly changing prices, the XRP and Bitcoin price and the Ethereum price were interpreted as details showing how the buying demands and selling demands are in the market.

Bitcoin has exceeded $4,200


In this new process, which started with the Bitcoin price exceeding $4,200 again, it was an expected result that there would be an increase in purchase demands. After the increase in buying demands and the decrease in sales demands, the price changes in cryptocurrencies started to approach the expected and desired level, and prices rose from $ 3,000 to $ 4,200 for the first time today, after a long break. Minutes before the Bitcoin Cash hard fork took place on November 15, cryptocurrencies began to fall.

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