Altcoin Relisted On Japanese Stock Exchange Gains Momentum

NEM (XEM), which is one of the leading currencies in the crypto money market and visited Istanbul last month and interviewed our team, started to rise after the Japanese exchange Coincheck, which was the scene of the biggest heist in the crypto money world, relisted itself.


According to Coinmarketcap data, the 17 most valuable digital currencies by market volume. NEM, a crypto currency, gained over 17 percent in the last 24 hours and became the prominent crypto coin on the day that cryptocurrencies followed the still image. It has a market volume of $ 46 million and a 24-hour trading volume.

The XEM/BTC exchange rate constitutes the majority of the crypto currency’s trading volume, while the Japanese crypto money exchange Zaif and the Japanese crypto currency exchange Binance in the crypto currency trading volume led by Binance. Afterwards, Upbit, Poloniex and Bittrex exchanges stand out, respectively.

NEM and Coincheck Officially Announced

NEM announced first on Twitter and then on Coincheck’s official website. Cryptocurrency, such as NEM, was reopened today on the Japanese stock market, which had to deactivate NEM as of November 12, 2018.

NEM, which gained momentum after this news, became the leading cryptocurrency of the day. .

As we have already announced to you, at the beginning of this year, $ 500 million worth of NEM tokens were seized by hackers in the attack on the Coincheck exchange, and with the attack in January 2018, 6 percent of the number of NEMs in circulation was under the control of cyber attackers.

Coincheck attack Mt.. Gox attack, it takes its place in the records as the heist with the highest balance sheet in the history of crypto money.

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