Allegations of Bitcoin Cash Manipulation Rise With Binance Maintenance

The world’s number one cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, announced today that it will go to a system update on November 14, 2018 at 05:00 CEST and the stock market will be out of use for eight hours. He criticized on Twitter that this update of the company coincides with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, which is one of the most talked about developments in the market recently.

“Where is the Planning Information?”

In the official post of Binance, it was previously published. While expressing that a planned system update will be made, he shared with its users that no deposit, withdrawal or money transfer can be made on the platform during this period. “Where can I find evidence that this maintenance process was planned ahead of time? Because many people say that this maintenance coinciding with the same hours as the hard fork indicates market manipulation.. If this was planned, I’m sure you can put an end to these rumors by showing evidence that it was premeditated.” He replied with the words rising in the crypto money world.

The accusations against Binance have hard forked this maintenance process. and progressed to the point that he deliberately caused market manipulation by doing it at the same time as;

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao told CNBC last week that Binance’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrency reserves are growing steadily and that the growing reserves in its cold wallets are clear the crypto world’s confidence in them and their platforms.

Before the Hard Fork of Bitcoin Cash, which is planned to take place on November 15, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV teams are split into two, and Bitcoin SV ‘s supporter, Craig Wright, had previously implied that he would support the process of removing Bitcoin ABC from the market when it seized 51 percent power. Cash’s fate will become clear in the coming days.

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