After Huawei and Samsung, Vivo will also produce a foldable phone

Vivo, which has made a name for itself with its breakthroughs in the smartphone market, has now made the move for a foldable phone.. After world giant companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Vivo will produce foldable phone. The Chinese technology giant has even applied for the trademark.

One ​​of the strongest players in the market

About two years ago, it was put up for sale by Samsung and Huawei. The foldable phone trend, which started with the released Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X models, continues without slowing down.. Although Huawei has been a bit behind recently due to the US sanctions the South Korean company has become one of the strongest players in this market with Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip models.

He made his first move

However, this year Samsung’s job does not seem easy.. Because with the participation of companies such as Xiaomi, Google, Oppo and Vivo into the game, the race in the foldable phone market seems to get intense.. In fact, one of these companies, Vivo, made its first move and succeeded in exciting the users.

filed a trademark application on May 24

According to the information received, Vivo aims to use the name Vivo NEX for its new generation foldable phones.. The company even filed a trademark application for NEX Slide, NEX Fold and NEX Roll on May 24. This means that the company will appear in the foldable phone market with more than one model.

The concept with a rollable screen has emerged

Models As the name suggests, Nex Fold will be a foldable phone, Nex Slide will be a scrollable screen phone, and Nex Roll will be a rollable screen phone.. The most striking detail here was undoubtedly the Nex Roll.. As it will be remembered, a concept device with a rollable screen of Oppo has emerged recently.. On the other hand, LG was also working on a rollable smartphone, but this device was canceled after the company withdrew from the smartphone market.

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