Aeternity has appreciated more than 100 percent in the last week

All eyes are on the rise in the less popular independent blockchain project Aeternity (AE), as popular altcoins like Cardano (ADA) and EOS (EOS) are on meteoric rises.

An Ethereum-based one Aeternity, the ERC20 token, has gained more than 50 percent on the day, reaching almost $6 today and is currently trading at $5.

Actually, Aeternity has had a steady increase profile since last week.. The bullish momentum started at $2.3 3 days ago. Reaching 1 billion in market value, Aeternity managed to rank among the top 25 cryptocurrencies.

More impressive than EOS and TRON in weekly performance

AE was trading at $2.3 at the beginning of the week.. This shows an increase of more than 100 percent by the last day of the week.. In this context, it clearly outstripped EOS and TRX, which appreciated by 88 percent and 64 percent, respectively.

Why this increase?

There is no clear indication of where this impressive increase in Aeternity stems from. no information. A prominent development in the project is the information that the mainnet will be released before April 30th.. The rise of AE can be attributed to this, given the increase in EOS as the mainnet is expected to go live.. Additionally, speculation is swirling that AE could be added to Coinbase.. Of course, it should not be forgotten that all this is just conjecture and speculation.

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