5 lessons to be learned from the bad Bitcoin week!

Bitcoin entered a major downtrend in the week that started with Elon Musk and filled with red candles with the Chinese ban.. Panic sales followed each other with the FUD formed in the market.. So what are the lessons to be learned from this week? Let’s see together.

5 lessons to be learned from the bad Bitcoin week!

5 lessons for the future from the bad week of bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

1-Crypto is still an industry prone to collapse. The market crashed in 2013 when Bitcoin hit $1,000, in 2018 after the ICO frenzy, and when the price dropped from $20,000 to $3,000.. However, it is a fact that BTC crashes are now softer.

2-Most of the mainstream media is still hostile towards Bitcoin.. For many years, the mainstream media either ignored the crypto world or covered it just to make fun of it.. In the last drop, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Reuters exaggerated both Elon Musk’s stance and the news from China, increasing the panic in the crypto market, and they did this with great pleasure and appetite.

3- Bitcoin has a reputation problem. Bitcoin ransom payment to cyber-attackers who shut down the Colonial pipeline created a unique opportunity for those who see cryptocurrencies as a tool of crime. Meanwhile, the voices of critics who say Bitcoin is an environmental threat are starting to rise more than ever.

Both claims are exaggerated.. However, the fact that these claims find supporters even twelve years after Bitcoin’s development is clear evidence that Bitcoin has a general reputational problem.. It is clear that some of these exaggerated criticisms are due to ignorance and lack of knowledge.. On the other hand, the exaggerated attitude of crypto influencers, phenomenon and social media pioneers against all kinds of criticism with their laser eyes is doing more harm than good to the crypto world in the eyes of the broad masses.. Crypto needs more mature, better educated and informed representatives.

4– Exchanges disappointing people, especially Coinbase and Binance. Exchanges that are locked in almost every collapse of the crypto world, do not allow trading; How is it still possible with today’s technology? Sudden increases in transaction volumes are now part of this industry.. How can the stock markets not be prepared for this situation? If this situation is not a serious lack of infrastructure investment, it appears as a conscious attitude.. Both options are extremely dire for the crypto market.

5- Let’s end this week with a positive lesson. Crypto is a market with solid foundations. Instead of projects that collected hundreds of millions of dollars and disappeared in 2017 with the promise of a few pages of Whitepapers, many real and useful projects and platforms have entered and continue to enter the crypto space.. Crypto is no longer a dream planned for the future, it is a growing reality in many different fields.. The crypto world perceives this week’s crash as a temporary fix, not a permanent one.

One final note, there’s a video posted on YouTube. MIT professor Gary Gensler teaches his young students the field of crypto. Gensler asks students who owns Bitcoin. Almost all of the students in the class say they have Bitcoin. This video takes place in 2018. Nowadays, these young people continue to produce and develop in different areas of the crypto space. Gary Gensler is the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)….

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