296 million TL historical fine from Turkey to Google

The world’s largest search engine Google has received a historical penalty from Turkey. The Competition Board imposed an administrative fine of 296 million 84 thousand 899 liras and 49 cents on the company on the grounds that it abused its dominant position in the sector and brought its accommodation price comparison services to the forefront in a way that excludes its competitors

Google’s services are better than its competitors He imposed an administrative fine for bringing his power to the fore. The lawyers of the technology giant had also made an oral defense on the relevant issue since the last days of last month. Within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Competition Board, the final decision was announced today and Google was fined 296 million TL.

The penalty given to Google by the Competition Board is neither the first nor the last. Using its power in the market to its advantage, Google received a penalty of 100 million TL in the first months of 2020, and nearly 200 million TL in the last months. In addition, Google received penalties from countries such as France and Germany.

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